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Banyan Community Health Center

Banyan Community Health Center is our primary healthcare clinic located in Miami’s Little Havana and open to the public. Primary care is the first line of defense in protecting our health. It plays a central role in ensuring the overall health and well being of our children, families, seniors, friends, and communities.

At Banyan, our approach to primary health services is personal and comprehensive. We adhere to a rigorous, highly coordinated medical home standard of patient care, and the physicians and care coordination teams at Banyan Community Health Center reflect this approach.

Its an approach that gives us an edge in quality of care and quality of life. Our Primary Care Physicians actively and attentively manage all aspects of patient healthcare, treatment, and referrals, ensuring improved overall health and well-being of our patients. We emphasize the importance of regular physical exams and disease screening, immunization, early detection and treatment of physical and behavioral health conditions, and highly integrated coordination of care and referrals with physical and behavioral health specialists.

Visit us at Banyan Community Health Center for your primary care health needs.

Our Banyan Community Health Center clinic expands access to quality primary health services in Little Havana, one of South Florida's medically underserved communities.

Banyan’s founders, Miami Behavioral Health Center and Spectrum Programs, are leading regional providers of treatment for co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders, and in the integration of primary healthcare services into the behavioral health treatment standard. Our unique history in behavioral health gives us specialized capacity for integrating emerging research, evidence-supported practices, and newer treatment methodologies across mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring physical health disorders, resulting in better health for individuals and for families and communities.

We bring this comprehensive, interdisciplinary, thoughtfully integrated approach to healthcare all of our programs and services and to the service philosophy of the physicians and care teams at Banyan Community Health Center, where we work to provide:

  • Timely diagnosis and treatment of disease, including infectious diseases, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, and other health disorders.
  • Prevention of more serious and later stage forms of disease through early identification and treatment.
  • Better coordination of treatment for the complex interactions of behavioral and physical health conditions in an integrated, medical home model of care, leading to improved overall health, wellness, and quality of life for consumers and families in our care.
  • Enhanced access to essential primary health services in medically underserved communities and among medically underserved populations in South Florida, with the goal of operating at recognized levels of community need and at level-of-service standards established by the Health Resources and Services Administration of the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Meaningful coordination of care with medical specialists, other health service providers, and hospitals in order to achieve the highest possible access to quality health services on behalf of our consumers.


We are dedicated to being among the most effective providers of integrated healthcare services. We support Banyan Community Health Center and all of Banyan’s programs and services with research into effective approaches to human health that help make the processes and procedures of behavioral and primary health services more successful, the timelines to improved health and well-being shorter, and the gains more sustainable, substantially reducing the catastrophic personal, family, and societal consequences that often accompany the current standard of healthcare management.