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Substance Abuse

Imagine a life that works better. We’ll help you get there. Our approach to alcohol and drug treatment promotes a positive, motivational foundation for recovery while addressing the many ongoing psychological and medical concerns that are often present in the early phases of recovery.

Our work is shaped by four decades of experience in treating a progressive, chronic disease that is often marked by relapse, co-occurrence with mental health disorders, and causally-related physical health disorders. We work closely with you to determine the most appropriate level of care and service in the least restrictive setting possible to support your treatment goals.

Banyan’s founders, Miami Behavioral Health Center and Spectrum Programs, are leading regional providers of treatment for co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders, and in the integration of primary healthcare services into the behavioral health treatment standard.


We base our treatment upon a highly individualized Recovery Plan that builds upon your strengths and common goals needed for sustainable recovery. Our work together will grow directly out of that plan.

We bring to that process:

  • A multiracial, multicultural staff, bilingual in Spanish and English, with excellent referral sources for speakers of Haitian Creole and other languages common to South Florida.
  • The only entirely Spanish language residential substance abuse treatment program in South Florida based in a recovery approach that integrates evidence based practices and motivational enhancement therapy into treatment.
  • Assessment in a strengths-based model, versus the deficit based approaches used in many substance abuse treatment programs.
  • A recovery model of care that cultivates sustainable gains by building upon personal responsibility, individual initiative, and self-motivation.
  • A caring professional staff trained in evidence-supported Motivational Enhancement Therapy, motivational Interviewing, and cognitive behavioral treatment approaches for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • Leading regional experts in Co-Occurrence of mental health and addiction disorders.
  • Highly Credentialed Research Division focused on identifying what works and integrating evidence-Based Practices across the spectrum of our behavioral and physical health services.



The foundation of our approach to treatment is an evidence-supported belief in the value of consumer-directed recovery. We employ a recovery management model of treatment that strongly complements our professional-centered care for episodes of acute symptom stabilization with client-directed management of their own long-term recovery.


Our system of integrated addiction treatment is highly individualized, caring, and client-centered. We treat the whole person, combining specialized psychiatric services, access to primary care health, and an extensive program of residential and outpatient substance abuse and behavioral health services. We support these with comprehensive, strengths-based assessments, motivational enhancement and medication assisted therapies, case management, crisis management, peer programs, psychosocial rehabilitation, HIV screening and early intervention, medication management, and Pharmacy.


We are leading regional providers of treatment for co-occurring disorders, and have skilled crisis teams providing twenty four hour a day crisis intervention and stabilization services. Through our medical home model of treatment and our in-house primary care services, we also provide integrated behavioral and physical health services.


Addiction is a costly and devastating disease. Alcohol and drug use have pervasive detrimental effects on individuals, families, and communities and on society as a whole. Its estimated that the State of Florida alone experiences over $ 40 billion annually in public financial impact through alcohol and drug related adverse incidents such as traffic collisions, illnesses, injuries, and crimes ( The Annual Economic Impact of Alcohol and Drug Use in Florida).

At Banyan, we work conscientiously at transforming and saving lives while reducing the human and societal costs of alcohol and drug use and addiction.

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