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Villa Esperanza

Our Villa Esperanza Drop-In Center is a friendly, confidential, supportive, informal home-away-from-home where the homeless or anyone else who lacks a place to be can simply drop-in to socialize. It’s a place where people who share similar circumstances can visit and spend time without worry or fear of judgment. Villa Esperanza can restore a sense of community to people whose social connections have been lost.

We offer support groups, the opportunity to build peer to peer connections, meetings, workshops, mediation, self advocacy, and access to more structured programs of counseling and case management. If you or someone you know would like more information on Villa Esperanza, please get in touch. We welcome inquiries, and our caring professional staff and consumers always welcome new visitors.

Villa Esperanza is a warm, caring social and family atmosphere where informality and acceptance can lead to transformation and change in important areas of personal growth:

  • DECISION-MAKING, SELF-CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, & SELF-ESTEEM Visitors make their own choices about when to come and go and what to do, building confidence and a basis for decision-making in other areas of life in a setting where social and peer acceptance are the rule.
  • FAMILY, FRIENDSHIPS, & IDENTITY The Center has the atmosphere of home and an extended family, a place that nurtures growth of familial bonds and friendships based on shared experiences and personal histories. Its a place without the labels of disease, treatment, or medications that govern the experiences of our visitors and guests in other settings.
  • ADVOCACY, EMPOWERMENT, & COURAGE One of the great strengths of our drop-in center is how it acts on the social confidence of guests and visitors. Social awareness helps to build insight, understanding, self-confidence and the capacity of visitors to act on their own behalf.
  • EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE, PROBLEM-SOLVING Our visitors, each bring their unique knowledge and resources to a process of informal sharing and exchange at the Center, including useable information, referrals, sources of food and housing, as well as knowledge and experiences of the mental health system and how it has affected their lives. Our drop-in consumers choose their own activities, grow at their own pace, and focus on personal goals, bringing newly acquired skills and insight to their lives in the community.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT, DIFFUSION OF CRISES Villa Esperanza is a place of encouragement and belonging, where the strength of the social fabric and relationships provide an honest and reliable haven for support, hope, emotional stability, and friendship in times of crisis for people who often lead lives of isolation in the community.