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Outpatient Psychiatric Services


We’re dedicated to providing the highest standard of treatment for behavioral health consumers in our care, and psychiatrists are central to our interdisciplinary, team-based approach to consumer care and crisis stabilization.

Our Outpatient Psychiatric Services unit offers a critical dimension of support for high quality standards for all age groups across all of our behavioral health programs, including for crisis care and emergencies.

Therapists, nurses, and other clinicians in our mental healthcare services and substance abuse addiction treatment programs conduct comprehensive psychosocial and health evaluations for all admissions.

When symptoms of acute emotional or organic pathology are observed, consumers are assigned to one of our psychiatrists for assessment, evaluation of co-occurring medical conditions, drug interactions, physical examination, drug management, review of physician orders, and interpretation of laboratory and other medical studies.

Our Psychiatric Services unit ensures that the critical diagnostics are there for building comprehensive, consumer-centered outpatient substance abuse treatment plans that reflect the complete medical, psychiatric, psychological, and social needs of consumers in our care. We:

  • Stabilize consumers in crisis.
  • Reduce hospital stays through accurate diagnosis of psychiatric and co-occurring addiction disorders that support effective treatment at appropriate levels of care.
  • Control acute symptoms and improve functioning
  • Improve symptom management and coping skills.
  • Reduce the risk of decompensation.



  • Acute symptom evaluation
  • Diagnosis of affective, behavioral, cognitive, and perceptual disorders
  • Evaluation for addiction disorders and co-occurrence treatment needs
  • Level of care determination and treatment plan
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Pharmaceutical therapy prescription and oversight
  • Consultation with Primary Care Physician