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Adult Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

Recovery from addiction is an internal, uniquely personal process. Because it comes from within, we believe in a strengths-based, motivational approach that builds a foundation in the self-knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that are vital to lasting change.

Residential Treatment is among the most important decisions you face in the passage from addiction to recovery. When it comes to breaking addiction, motivation works, and our residential treatment programs offer a motivational therapeutic environment where you can concentrate on personal recovery away from the social and associational pressures that fuel addiction.

Contact us. We’ll help you think it through.

The first step in this process is Evaluation: Deciding whether or not residential treatment is the most appropriate level of care for you. We conduct a thorough psychosocial assessment that integrates standardized tests for mental health and alcohol and drug addiction disorders, psychiatric and physical health evaluations, and comprehensive strengths analyses.

The second step in this process is the development of a Treatment Plan that meets your unique needs and potential. Our programs are client-centered, and we work closely with you to set goals for treatment that will help you address your personal physical, emotional, social, housing, educational, or employment needs.

We incorporate what we learn from assessment into a strengths-based, motivational plan that emphasizes personal responsibility, individual initiative, and group therapy. This gives us the goal-based personal blueprint we need to work with you on sustainable recovery.


  • Comprehensive Assessment (Psychosocial, Alcohol & Substance Use, Mental Health, Asset Evaluation)
  • Physical Evaluation / Medical Examinations
  • HIV Screening & Referrals
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Management
  • Triage and Nursing Support
  • Individual, Group, & Family Counseling
  • Social & Recreational Activities
  • Educational & Peer Groups
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Social Service Referrals
  • Preparation for Workforce & Social Reentry (Interviews, Appearance, Resume Building, Job Search)