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Our seniors deserve the best life possible. We work with them to achieve it in all of our behavioral and primary health programs. Our approach reflects the increasing complexity and interactions of behavioral and physical health problems as we age.

We bring a caring, whole-health approach to our work, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and development. Our services help seniors to increase their everyday abilities. We work to:

  • Preserve the capacity of our seniors to live in the community for as long as possible, rather than in dependent situations or in assisted living contexts that suppress their fitness and capabilities;
  • Provide therapeutic, supportive, and rehabilitative services that build skills and enhance family and community ties;
  • Improve psychosocial functioning and physical, cognitive, social, and emotional capacity;
  • Support family members and caregivers through respite services and education.

We help seniors in our care to live fuller lives, lives of grace and dignity, through thoughtful, respectful, evidence-supported treatment, and through the cultivation of warm, caring social environments in all of our elder programs and adult health services.


The US population is predicted to grow by 18 percent by 2020, and the number of persons 65 years of age and older to double by 2030, increasing from 35 million elderly in 2000 to an estimated 71 million in 2030.

This dynamically expanding segment of our communities is distinguished by increasing racial and ethnic diversity and greater longevity. It is also characterized by higher rates of behavioral health disorders than the general public, and often multiple, chronic, co-occurring physical health problems.

In Florida in the coming years, the percentage of 65+ elderly will grow to 26 percent. Soon, one in four of all Florida residents will be 65 and older, with all that this implies for increased need for a broadening range of evidence-supported, intelligently integrated behavioral and physical healthcare services.

At Banyan, we work at developing continuously improving health management strategies for our seniors. We pride ourselves in providing thoughtful, individualized healthcare services rooted in prevention and in sound, evidence-supported chronic disease management practices.

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