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Increasingly, we look at human health through the lens of behavioral health. At Banyan Health Systems, our approach to adult health and well-being reflects the idea that consumers hold the key to restoring their lives to a condition of health, grace, and dignity.

Our Adult Programs combine thoughtfully integrated behavioral and primary health services for effective diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders, personality disorders, alcohol and drug dependency, physical health disorders, and the high rates of co-occurrence that accompany each.

We offer a caring, team-based approach to adult and well-being, with strengths-based evaluations and treatment provided in a medical home model of care.

At Banyan, we work conscientiously at transforming and saving lives while reducing the human and societal costs of inadequately addressed behavioral health disorders and of undiagnosed, under-treated, and untreated physical health disorders, including chronic diseases. Our services are based in motivational enhancement therapy and a consumer-directed, recovery model of treatment that combines the best of evidence based practices.

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