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Our adolescent programs are designed to the unique developmental stages and behavioral health risks faced by youth. We provide thorough developmental assessments, individual and group psychotherapy services, acute emotional and mental health crisis intervention, family therapy, parent support, and comprehensive case management services, including referrals for primary health and social services.

Banyan's caring professional teams address wide-ranging emotional and behavioral issues facing youth, providing a safe, nurturing clinical environment that cultivates resilience and builds the capacity of children and adolescents to:

  • Regulate their emotions: manage anger, sadness, worry, acting out behaviors, grief, and loss;
  • Improve self-esteem, social, interpersonal, and coping skills;
  • Develop control of attention problems, hyperactivity, and improve ability to cope with learning disabilities;
  • Resolve drug or alcohol use;
  • Recover from domestic violence and physical or sexual abuse.

Our approach is strengths-based and motivational. Its designed to help youth to achieve emotional stability by helping them and their families to recognize and build upon their strengths.

We work with parents to foster the skills they require to raise emotionally health youth, and our children and family teams work closely with the schools, primary health clinics, child welfare, foster care, court and probation systems to ensure continuity in awareness and understanding of the nature of the needs of youth in our care.


Across the United States today, the behavioral and primary health needs of children and adolescents are increasing, while access to these services is decreasing. Its estimated that at least 13 million children are in need of mental health or substance abuse services, yet efforts to restrain health costs are resulting in decreased availability of these and other health services for youth.

This decrease in access to health services is occurring despite growing evidence of the effectiveness of mental health and substance abuse services, and of integrated behavioral and primary health services. In the general health care sector, primary care clinicians are being pressured to see more patients in less time, and they therefore have less time to address psychosocial issues.

Banyan Health Systems focuses on the design of programs that effectively integrate behavioral and physical services appropriate to the developmental needs and risks of youth. Our services include preventive interventions, risk reduction, early identification of behavioral and physical health disorders, assessment and diagnosis, case management, outpatient substance abuse programs, home-based treatment, comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment.

Children and adolescents who receive early intervention and care avoid costly treatment in the future, and even modest reductions in negative outcomes of youth more than compensate for what would otherwise be increased health care costs.

In economic terms, improvements in the mental health of children and adolescents are reflected in increased parent work productivity, lower rates of absenteeism in the workplace, and reductions in use of general medical services.

More important in the long-term, preventive efforts and early treatment of behavioral problems and mental disorders in childhood result not only in changes in behavior but also in changes in the brain. The impact of early intervention on instances of violence and the number of incarcerated juveniles and young adults is substantial.

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