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Our Services & Service Philosophy

A Comprehensive Program of Integrated Behavioral & Primary Health Services

We serve consumers of all ages with expert behavioral and primary health services for children, adolescents, adults, families, and elders, including those with Alzheimer’s. Language and culture are central to our work. Our staff is fully bilingual in Spanish and English in all programs, and we have referral arrangements for consumers whose native language is Creole as well as for the many other languages spoken in South Florida.

OUR SERVICES     Our system of integrated consumer health services is extensive and growing. We bring together specialized psychiatric services, primary care health, pediatrics, geriatrics, and an extensive program of residential and outpatient substance abuse and behavioral health services. We combine these with comprehensive case management, crisis management, peer programs, psychosocial rehabilitation, respite, transportation, and pharmacy. We are leading regional providers of treatment for co-occurring disorders, and have skilled crisis teams providing twenty four hour a day crisis intervention and stabilization services.

CONSUMERS: THE HEART OF OUR WORK     Our services are delivered in a consumer-centered framework that begins with comprehensive behavioral and physical health evaluations. We are committed to the medical home model as a means of providing our consumers with integrated healthcare that is accessible, comprehensive, family-centered, highly coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective. We believe in an interdisciplinary team approach to healthcare.

On behavioral health and substance use disorders, we believe in the strengths of consumer-directed recovery, and employ a recovery management model of treatment. The recovery management approach strongly complements our professional-centered care for episodes of acute symptom stabilization with client-directed management of their own long-term recovery.

THE QUALITATIVE DIFFERENCE: RESEARCH     We are dedicated to evaluating community need and the effectiveness and quality of our consumer services. Our programs and services are continually evolving, with a rigorous standard of performance assessment shaping our understanding of what works and an institutional commitment to incorporating into our work the best of evidence-based practices. This helps us to achieve the greatest possible impact on personal, family, and community health and well being.

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