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BANYAN Health Systems is committed to leadership in the field of behavioral-health centered healthcare. We rely upon a strong and wide-ranging base of research and clinical studies to meet our vision of equitable access for individuals, families, and communities to the best of thoughtfully integrated, evidence-supported behavioral and physical healthcare.

Science gives us a powerful edge. It is vital to our ability to observe objectively, to react knowledgeably to evolving trends in public health, health disparities, and newly emerging behavioral and physical health treatment practices. It provides us with the high evidentiary standards we demand as we adapt our services and programs to provide our consumers with the most current and most effective healthcare. We believe that the increasing complexity, scope, and rate of change in treatment and in clinical practice requires it.


Banyan’s CENTER FOR THE INTEGRATION OF RESEARCH & PRACTICE keeps us closely tied to the front lines of research, evaluation, and assessment of science and practice. A highly credentialed professional research team advances our knowledge of what works, strengthening our programs and services and enabling us to make contributions through research-dissemination and technology-transfer to the health services field and to the decisions of policymakers. Recent research initiatives of the Center include.

  • A National Center for Minority Health Disparities funded project in partnership with Florida International University’s Center for Substance Abuse and AIDS Research on Latinos in the United States. The project is conducting research that bridges substance use and HIV / AIDS, builds trust between researchers and the community, and helps to cultivate a new generation of scientists engaged in research on health disparities.
  • A Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration funded project to establish the Florida Center for Excellence in Emerging Behavioral Health Strategies at Banyan Health Systems. The project will demonstrate the effectuality of a behavioral-health centered approach to behavioral and physical health service delivery that integrates research, best practices, and emergent treatment methodologies across the spectrum of mental health, substance abuse, and physical health disorders.
  • The Annual Economic Costs of Alcohol & Drug Use in Florida is a Banyan Health Systems study of the individual and societal effects of alcohol and drug use in Florida. It assesses the human and financial costs in illness, injuries, traffic collisions, crimes, and related adverse effects in Florida’s healthcare, criminal justice, and transportation systems.


For information on Banyan Health Systems research initiatives and studies, please contact

Juliette Graziano, Ph.D.
Tel. (305) 398-6139 / email: jgraziano@spectrumprograms.org