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Internships at Banyan

Our Internship Program

As an Intern, you’ll work directly under the supervision of licensed professionals committed to helping you to get the practical knowledge and skills vital to career success. And you’ll be interning with organizations that have distinguished themselves through outstanding service and high standards of clinical quality for nearly four decades.


We seek candidates for Internships who are at least 18 years of age and a junior or senior in college with 9 - 12 credits in one of the following declared majors —

  • Social Work
  • Sociology or Psychology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Nursing or Pre-med
  • Grant and Research


Candidates accepted into our Internship Program will prepare for professional credential requirements under the direct supervision of a clinical performance manager.  Among other skills developed in during the internship, students will practice and learn:

  • How to provide instruction and lectures on therapeutic topics, presenting psycho-educational modules and co-facilitating therapeutic process groups.
  • How to communicate with primary therapists and supervisors on behavioral observations, and providing appropriate clinical interventions for managing client conduct.
  • How to handle crisis interventions independent of supervision, observing standard practice and general guidelines for appropriate actions in emergency situations.
  • How to facilitate and participate substantively in residential activities, including meetings, seminars, recreational events, and related functions.



Interns will assume as much as possible the role and responsibilities of a regular member of our staff.   As part of their specific work-related assignments, Interns will be expected to

  • Adhere to scheduled work hours, policies, procedures, and rules governing the behavior of professional staff.
  • Obtain background clearances from DCF, DOEA, DOC.
  • Adhere to our policies on confidentiality, the handling of confidential information, conduct, and client care.
  • Assume personal and professional responsibility for their actions and activities.
  • Exhibit high standards of conduct and professionalism in all interactions.
  • Reflect a courteous, enthusiastic, open-minded, critical approach to policies and procedures within the profession.
  • Apply knowledge acquired in the academic setting to our service and clinical settings.
  • Be self-aware in attitudes, values, behaviors, general demeanor, and other qualities that influence professional relations and the quality of client communications and services.
  • Prepare for and use conferences and other opportunities for learning and skill-building that are afforded by Banyan and its affiliates.
  • Be consistent and punctual in submitting work assignments to your internship supervisor and your faculty coordinator.




Our internships combine traditional learning experiences that are
applicable to many fields of study in the social and behavioral sciences with exciting opportunities to acquire new hard and soft skill sets, new approaches to integrative health, and new insight into emerging practice in the behavioral sciences. It’s an unusual career development opportunity for qualifying students to build a solid foundation in their field while learning at the cutting-edge of practice with a group dedicated to excellence in behavioral health.

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