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Our Approach

Our Consumer Directed Approach

The foundation of our approach to treatment is an evidence-supported belief in the value of consumer-directed recovery. We employ a recovery management model of treatment that strongly complements our professional-centered care for episodes of acute symptom stabilization with client-directed management of their own long-term recovery.

Service Integration

Our system of integrated behavioral health treatment is highly individualized, caring, and client-centered. We treat the whole person, combining specialized psychiatric services, access to primary care health, and an extensive program of residential and outpatient substance abuse and behavioral health services. We support these with comprehensive, strengths-based assessments, motivational enhancement and medication assisted therapies, case management, crisis management, peer programs, and psychosocial rehabilitation.


We are leading regional providers of treatment for co-occurring disorders. Recent national surveys examining co-occurrence of behavioral health disorders find that nearly 65% of people with a primary mental health diagnosis also had a co-occurring substance use disorder; and that nearly 80% with a primary substance use diagnosis also had a co-occurring mental health disorder. From an epidemiological standpoint, the primary cause of relapse into mental illness is untreated substance abuse and, conversely, the primary cause of relapse into substance abuse is untreated mental illness. Physical health co-morbidity flourishes in this context